About the Foundation

The Ed and Becky Meek Foundation was founded in 2021 by Ed and Becky Meek who grew up in Charleston and the Paynes community of northwest Mississippi. While the two have lived in Oxford, Mississippi, for much of their adult lives, they have continued to be passionately focused on strengthening educational opportunities for individuals and economic development and other programs increasing the quality of life in Charleston and East Tallahatchie County.

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The Ed and Becky Meek Foundation supports the educational development of students residing in East Tallahatchie County beyond high school and provides grants for community development and economic development.

The Foundation encourages high school students to meet all requirements needed for graduation providing scholarships for immediate work, for trade, tech, and vocational, two-year and four-year degree programs. Community Revitalization Grants are also provided to non-profit organizations in support of the community and economic development.

East Tallahatchie County

About Charleston

Tallahatchie County is located in the ‘Mississippi Delta Region’. The area of the county is 645.2 square miles of land and 6.9 square miles of water. According to the 2019 census, the population of the county was 13,809 (19% urban and 81% rural). Just ten years earlier in 2010, the population was 15,378 and in 1920, about 100 years earlier, the population was 35,953 due to the timber/logging business, with the Lamb-Fish Hardwood Mill in Charleston, being the world’s largest hardwood mill. The population began declining when the mill burned in the 1930s.

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